Indane Commercial LPG Xtra Tej

Indane XtraTej is an additized LPG used for various for commercial and industrial applications perfect for Hotels, Restaurants, Institutional Kitchens.

Indane Xtra TeJ has been evaluated in laboratories and validated at customer sites during the field evaluation. The following benefits have been observed during the field trials:

  • Savings of minimum 5% have been observed at different customer sites.
  • Reduction in cooking time by 14% -17% when pressure cooking
  • Increase of flame temperature by ~ 65 ℃ at select customer sites

The flame temperature of Indane XtraTej is higher by ~ 65 ℃. This leads to the following benefits to the customers:

  • Minimum 5% savings* in consumption of LPG
  • Minimum 14% reduction* in cooking time


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