Indane Commercial LPG Cylinder Nanocut

The Indane NANOCUT is additized LPG for high temperature industrial applications which is based on a proprietary additive formulation innovated at Indian Oil R&D Centre Faridabad.

Nanocut : High Therm Indane Cutting Gas

  • Highly recommended for sectors which typically involve metal cutting, heating, straightening, hardening, welding, soldering, brazing, coating etc. and who are currently using either oxy-acetylene, LPG. Indane Nanocut will provide a thermal temperature much higher than that of LPG or other commercially available LPG based products. Evolved after extensive field trials and testing by various laboratories, establishing superior performance.
  • Cutting of carbon steel, Low, Medium & High alloy steel plates / Ingots of any desired thickness
  • Flame hardening applications
  • Other industrial heating applications


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