Conventionally metal cutting application involves usage of Oxy Acetylene mixture which has higher degree of hazard potential due to high shock sensitivity and very large flammability range. The method of using oxy-acetylene gas for metal cutting applications is fraught with potential hazard of explosion during usage as well as storage and hence discouraged worldwide despite of its high flame temperature and calorific value. The issue of high cost and hazards associated with acetylene calls for an alternative which is safer, cheaper, and easily available. This has prompted the usage of Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) for metal cutting applications. However, the lower flame temperature of LPG has been an adverse aspect, which limits the use of LPG in high temperature applications such as metal cutting.

Indian Oil, the top energy provider in India, has been working on the ways and means of enhancing the performance of LPG for high flame temperature applications. Our new product Indane NANOCUT is additized LPG for high temperature Industrial applications which is based on a proprietary additive formulation innovated at Indian Oil R&D Centre Faridabad. The indigenously developed additive enhances the efficiency of LPG as cutting gas in terms of high flame temperature, heat through put, low oxygen consumption, reduced cylinder inventory, thereby leading to better economy to the user of “Indane NANOCUT.

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