It is possible for reactivation of a gas connection (a dormant Indane gas connection) via a simple Service Request

Gas connections are set as Dormant if the Indane subscriber has kept the connection under Temporary Suspension, Safe Custody or simply have been away for a long tenure without having done the requisite formalities. However, reactivation of a gas connection ( Indane connection) is a fairly simple process. For a connection that had been away for a long tenure, please note that it would have been reverted to the Dormant status by default.

For re-activation of dormant gas connection, please drop by with a formal request letter, along with a duly filled in KYC Form enclosing Proof of Address and ID.

The Indane gas connection will be reactivated after completing a mandatory inspection of the equipment.

Please note that inspection charges would have to be paid for re-activation.