Maruthi Indane is the go-to destination for cost-effective, energy-efficient Commercial LPG Cyliner Supply in the Greater Chennai & surrounding areas.

The Food & Beverage industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Institutional Caterers, Quick-Service Eateries and similar food ventures) forms the lion’s share of the Commercial LPG Cylinder Supply customer base of Maruthi Indane.. While the entry-level 19 Kg (Non-Domestic) and the 19 Kg Xtra Tej are the hot-favourites of the Food & Beverage industry, it is the 19 Kg Nano Cut that is now the trusted ally for Commercial Cutting & Welding requirements in the industrial domain.

Regardless of the nature of the commercial businesses, our customer base of more than 1,00,000 rely on our (more than) three-decade of expertise and experience in fuelling their enterprises each day, literally.

Maruthi Indane currently has Commercial LPG Cylinder Supply for Hotels, Restaurants, Institutional Caterers, Quick-Service Eateries and more, across the Greater Chennai & surrounding areas

A fantastic product range of Commercial LPG products from Indane, combined with a team that genuinely cares and nurtures business relationships, you have a win-win situation always with Maruthi Indane’s Commerical LPG offerings. And the best part ? We are always a Call or a Click away. Always.

The Hotelier’s New Favourite


Indane XtraTej

Make a smarter choice and unlock extra savings at no extra cost. Introducing Indane‚Äč XtraTej, a highly efficient Non-Domestic LPG that offers 5-7% reduced consumption and reduction in cooking time too.

14.2 Kg (Domestic Use)
5 Kg (Chhotu)
Commercial LPG Cylinder supply in Greater Chennai
19 Kg ( Commercial Use)
XtraTej ( Commercial Use)
NanoCut (Commercial)
Jumbo 425 Kg (Commercial)

Security Deposits for Commercial LPG
For one 19.0 Kg Non-Domestic cylinderRs. 1700.00
For one 47.5 Kg. cylinder with SC Valve Rs. 4300.00
For one 47.5 Kg. cylinder with LOT ValveRs. 5800.00
For one Pressure RegulatorRs. 150.00
Refill Charges for Indane Commercial Cylinders
One 5.0 Kg Indane Refill (Non-Domestic)Rs. 462.00
One 19.0 Kg Indane RefillRs. 1649.00
One 19.0 Kg Indane Refill (Nano Cut)Rs. 1896.50
One 47.5 Kg Indane RefillRs. 4118.00
One 425 Kg Indane RefillRs. 37,012.50
Cost of a Plastic Safety CapRs. 2.00

The Indane Nano Cut

Indane Nanocut is an achievement of IndianOil’s R&D efforts. This high thermal LPG has been specially developed to cut metal. It is highly efficient & easy to store. Watch the video to know more.

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