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LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas filled under pressure in Cylinders, Stored and transported to your Kitchen.When the Cylinder valve of your Gas Installation is opened, Reduction of Pressure takes place inside the Cylinder and the liquid automatically turns into Gas.

LPG in gaseous form is almost twice as heavy as air. Hence it always settles down to floor level in case of leakage. LPG is colourless and odourless therefore a distinctive odour is added before its filled into Cylinders, to enable detection in case of leakage.

We request you to go through the following clippings carefully wherein, we have illustrated very Important Do's and Don'ts on Indane Installation for Safety.

Tips On Safety
  • Get your Indane Refill Cylinder checked at the time of receipt by asking our delivery man to open the seal, check the washer in the Cylinder valve, Connect it to the Gas Stove, light it and check for any leak. Please do this without fail.
  • Get your Indane installation checked every two years.
  • Check the Rubber Tube regularly and replace in case of cracks, with Suraksha Rubber Tube only.
  • Always use BIS approved Gas Stove and Rubber Tube(Suraksha).
  • If for any reason the Safety Cap is lost, Please get the same replaced by the distributor against Payment at the prevailing rate of recovery as fixed by the Corporation.
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