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Refill Booking
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Customers wishing to book Domestic refill, Please follow the procedure listed below :   BOOK CYLINDER IN ONE TAP, THROUGH WHATSAPP
IndianOil Whatsapp Number : 75888 88824 To Book Refill through Registered Mobile Number
Type REFILL on WhatsApp

To Book refill through non-registered Mobile Number
Type REFILL < 17 digit Consumer ID>
Example - REFILL # 7500034512238945

To track your Refill Order
Type STATUS#<Order Number>
Example - STATUS # 2-000012345678

1. Call 8124024365
2. Press 1 for Tamil or 2 For English
3. Enter 04426154243
4. Press 1 to Confirm Distributor Name
5. Enter Consumer Number
6. Press 1 to Confirm Consumer Number
7. Press 1 to Confirm Booking
8. Press 1 and Register your Mobile Number
    Press 4 if you want to Cancel the Registered Phone Number
Note : Customers are requested to use their mobile phones for online refill booking.

The advantages are
a. You will receive your booking number thru SMS on your mobile phone
b. You will receive the message that your refill has been billed and is ready for delivery
c. Once delivery is updated at our end you will get a message to that effect
d. If your booking / billing is cancelled then also you will get the message


Please ask for your Refill Bill from our delivery boy, sign on the acknowledgment and return it to us along with one coupon issued to you. This will help us ensure that Cylinder is supplied to the right Customer. Kindly co-operate with us to serve you better.


Please ask our delivery boy to check the cylinder for any leak by opening the seal of the cylinder, connecting it to the stove and lighting it. Please do this without fail.

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