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Can be obtained only if there is no other LPG Connection in the same Name or Address
If New Connections are not being released across the counter one can register for a new connection. On release intimation will be sent by post.
New Indane Connection - Domestic (14.2 Kg)

To avail New connection, Prospective Customer can approach us with current Proof of Residence and Photo ID. He/She as to submit KYC form along with Declaration after verification and on payment of prescribed Deposit (Details Here) a) Security Deposit for one 14.2Kg Indane Cylinder Rs. 1450.00.
b) Security Deposit for one Pressure Regulator Rs. 150.00.
c) Stove Inspection Charges (if applicable) Rs. 250.00.
d) Domestic Gas Customer Card Rs. 50.00.
e) Installation Charge Rs. 50.00.
the Connection will be released. The Customer can choose a gas stove/accessories from a wide range available at our showroom or can arrange the same from any other source as long as it bears an BIS Mark.

New Indane Connection - Commercial 19Kg & 47.5Kg

Commercial Indane Connection is also available across the counter. To avail the same, the prospective Customer can approach us. On payment of prescribed deposit (Details Here) a) Security Deposit for one 47.5Kg Indane Cylinder Rs. 4300.00
b) Security Deposit for one 19Kg Indane Cylinder Rs. 1700.00
c) Security Deposit for one Pressure Regulator Rs. 150.00
d) Installation Charges Rs. 50.00
the Connection will be released immediately.
We are Authorized by Indian Oil Corporation Limited to Facilitate direct supplies at concessional 5% VAT For further details please feel free to contact us.
We also undertake Commercial pipeline installations.

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